(Interview:) Beau Young Prince

Last night at Sullivan Hall in New York City, The Daily Drizzle got a chance to sit down with D.C. artist Beau Young Prince, who’s mixtape The Reverse Effect is available now, to discuss the project, some information on his past work, what’s coming in the future, his influences, and more! Give his mixtape a listen below and download it for free here.

You can check out the interview after the jump!

The Daily Drizzle: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Beau Young Prince:  My name is Beau Young Prince from the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., Georgetown what up. I represent The Dope Collective, you know, the newest indie group out of D.C. and pretty much we’ve been making noise basically, releasing our own projects at will, really spearheading our creative direction into what I call to be experimental music pretty much so it’s kind of like just taking different genres and bridging the gap.

TDD: Can you tell me a little bit about the projects that you’ve worked on or that you’re working on now?

BYP: Well, were like 6 mixtapes in you know. We have Head In the Clouds, Distrinauts, Back to the Basics, War, and the buzz really started with Prep Matters though. I released that, you know, just on DatPiff.com and it came up with a couple thousand downloads in a very short amount of time so that really got me kind of on the college blog sites and a bunch of other respected music sites. Then there’s The Reverse Effect, which was released about 2 weeks ago, with production from R.J.F., Brenton Duvall, Big Z, Yala from New York, just a bunch of different influences on the beats and production that this came out to be, pretty much a tape different from any other project that I’ve done. It really kind of crosses over to every type of genre, you know, there’s some Dubstep because my college I go to, we’re like a little indie hippie college so like we get down that so there’s a lot of Dubstep. There’s some real Hip-Hop if you listen to “Notes From My Travels” and then you have that really get up and go at it, motivational type of track with “Check My Method”, by the way, it’s “method” now, we ain’t on “swag”, so it’s “Check My Method” just to let you know.

TDD: Who are some of your influences?

BYP: I have to say the number one influence is Michael Jackson, just the performing aspect of it and also it goes miles to say how he wanted to control the process from even setting up his live shows to having his say-so in every aspect and detail in how the show ran because as an artist I think, truly, you should have some input in to how you want the final product to be. I just really respect him for A. his ability to be very innovative and do something new and also he is just a great artist, like inspiration to just go out there on stage and give it everything. In terms of Hip-Hop, I’d say A Tribe Called Quest to take it back, and to bring it more modern, Kanye West, quite frankly for pushing those boundaries and you know, bringing creativity out. I really respect it.

TDD: Who would you say are some of your favorite rappers of all time?

BYP: I’m going to say Pac, Yeezy since I already threw that out there. You’ve gotta admire the work ethic of Lil Wayne, you know, whether or not I agree that his lyrical ability is up there, the work ethic is definitely there, so he’s the model to base hard work and dedication on because he set a model saying that he will be the best rapper alive, and you know, surely enough it kind of fell into place that way because he did everything to work towards that goal.

TDD: What are you doing differently to set yourself apart from other artists and specifically rappers that are trying to make it?

BYP: I think that there is a lack of, simply, being yourself. You know, I’m not a hard dude, and you know, I smoke but I’m not a “stoner rapper”, I just do pretty much what I feel and I take it pretty much like life. The songs that you will hear from me are day-to-day about what I’m going through and I think that’s really whats missing when I hear a lot of artists. People can be great with words, you know, have beats that are well produced, but at the end of the day it’s like ‘what are they saying’, ‘is it even true.’ I just think that lack of being yourself, or people being confident enough to be themselves in the limelight is just missing. I’m just this preppy kid, and I think it’s a different image personally, and I’ll continue to do whatever I want you know. I do electro-rap, I do some dance stuff, whatever I want. We’re just out here promoting people to do what they want as long as its positive.

TDD: If you could collaborate with any 1 living artist right now who would it be?

BYP: If I had to collaborate with one artist, honestly, I’d say that it’d be Kid Cudi; just because he’s more in that line of doing what I’m trying to do by pushing the leaps and boundaries of Rap. Like he just dropped this very Rock and Roll sounding record recently, and I am very much for being innovative and different so I think if we did a song, the end product would be out of this world, so I’d have to say Kid Cudi.

TDD: If you and Cudi ended up doing a track, what would you call it?

BYP: It would probably be a title that has no connection the song whatsoever, like “Frisbee” or something haha. It would be something metaphorical, something definitely that just represented being ‘out of this world’ because that’s what we do.

TDD: Is there anything specifically that you want people to know about you that they don’t already know?

BYP: If you don’t know who Beau Young Prince is, all you should know is that I got next! Simply put, and The Dope Collective is coming up. We’re a force to be reckoned with. We support real music, good music, and all types of music, and it’s not just a collective of musicians, it’s a collective of artisans, poets, dancers, sculptors, painters, it’s literally the next big enlightenment to culture as I see it.

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